EnterVPN Features that keep you safe online

Enjoy robust online security with EnterVPN. Our free and premium plans offer essential privacy and security features for a safer online experience.

Discover Our Unique Features

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Easy Connection

Connect to EnterVPN effortlessly with just a click and enjoy access to our extensive network spanning 100 countries.

Hide Your IP

Keep your online identity safe with our IP masking feature, ensuring your online footprint stays hidden from prying eyes.

Super-Fast Speeds

Say goodbye to buffering and slow connections with our lightning-fast VPN, optimized for all your online activities.

Strong Encryption

Strengthen your digital security with our powerful 256-bit AES encryption, keeping your sensitive data safe from unauthorized access.

Try Risk-Free

Test out EnterVPN risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind to explore our service.

Discover Our Special Features

No Logs Policy

Rest easy knowing we don't keep any logs of your browsing activities, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Cutting-Edge Protocols

Enjoy top-notch speed and security with protocols like WireGuard®, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

DNS Leak Protection

Prevent DNS leaks and maintain your online privacy with our secure DNS servers.

Custom Routing

Tailor your VPN experience with split tunneling, allowing specific apps and websites to bypass the VPN.

Custom IP Address

Stand out from the crowd with your own dedicated IP address, giving you more control over your online presence.

Fail-Safe Feature

Activate our kill switch to instantly block internet traffic if your VPN connection drops, keeping your data safe.

Wi-Fi Protection

Automatically secure your connection on unsecured networks to keep your data safe.

Explore EnterVPN's Versatility

Stream Seamlessly

Access popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ without restrictions.

Bypass Censorship

Access blocked websites and content from anywhere with EnterVPN.

Get Exclusive Deals

Take advantage of the best prices online with EnterVPN.

Watch Live Sports

Enjoy live sports events in high definition quality from anywhere in the world.

Enhance Anonymity

Protect your online activities and sensitive data from prying eyes.

Use EnterVPN Across All Devices

Protect all your devices, from PC and Mac to iOS, Android, and more, with support for up to 7 simultaneous connections.